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I am a product designer based in San Francisco with a broad creative and strategic background. I graduated from UCLA in 2013 with a degrees in Geography and Environmental Studies, Political Science and Geospatial Information Systems, and I worked in both the film industry and as a music producer over the last six years. 

All of these lives required distinct skill sets and thought processes, but they have all taught me that the ability to show up, and the ability to not lose sight of the big picture are the most important traits one can have. My background has allowed me to build on these traits and to appreciate and lose myself the most minute details while being able to effectively strategize and prioritize for an end goal.

My design style is about quality, thoughtfulness, elegance, and simplicity. I find joy in the process from conceptualization to delivery by focusing on deeply understanding the problem, its context, the user, and the stakeholder. I have been successful in design by relying heavily on user research, constant iteration, and open communication with my team and my stakeholders.

I find product design to be one of the most fulfilling endeavors of my life as I am able to draw on all of my previous skill sets to be a more creative and thoughtful decision maker, and make life easier for those who use the products I help create.